Bottle holders

Durable, resilient and easy to transport

The plastic bottle baskets manufactured by Nordcontenitori are durable and stackable, and are capable of sustaining heavy loads.

With over thirty years of experience on the market, Nordcontenitori has established itself as a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets and containers.


The vast expertise it has acquired in the sector has allowed the company to expand its product range with a series of high quality products.


For example, the company manufactures bottle baskets made from polyethylene: a robust and highly-resistant material that's capable of withstanding extremely heavy loads. This allows for various bottle baskets to be stacked during transport and handling operations, with no risk of becoming deformed.


This renders them particularly safe, providing the bottles with extra protection against jolts and impacts during handling operations.


The bottle baskets are available in two versions: the 610x203x370 version for three 5 litre bottles, and the 408x317x334 version for twelve 1 litre bottles.



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