Waste bins

Containment solutions for collecting solid and liquid materials
Waste bins

Nordcontenitori's stackable, airtight and resealable plastic industrial waste bins help to maximize storage space while ensuring the protection of the liquids contained inside.

Nordcontenitori manufactures 50, 75, 100 and 125 litre waste bins in polyethylene. Manufactured in black and white and with lids, these waste bins are even available in industrial versions.


Produced in compliance with the strict international standards, these product provide for the safe storage of all kinds of liquid and solid materials, and are even suitable for contact with food products.


These plastic waste bins can be easily stacked, thus ensuring significant space savings during storage and transportation, above all when empty.


Furthermore, their various colours allow them to be easily identified.


Among the many available models, Nordcontenitori also manufactures the ECO line. This series of plastic waste bins is equipped with a cover with a seal and a hermetic fastening system, and is available in 35, 50, 75 and 100 litre versions.


The plastic material with which these products are manufactured renders them non-deformable and resistant to temperature variations and atmospheric agents (rain, humidity, mould, heat, etc.). The material also guarantees optimal hygiene levels and maximum durability over time.



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