Pallet boxes

Improved product storage and optimized logistics
Pallet Boxes

Nordcontenitori manufactures robust plastic pallet boxes that are suitable for contact with food, and can be customized to meet the customer's specific logistic and storage requirements.

Nordcontenitori is an important reference point for all food and manufacturing companies that are in search of solutions capable of expediting and improving their product handling and storage operations. Among its vast range of products, Nordcontenitori also manufactures an ample series of robust and ecological plastic pallet boxes.


These include models with closed and ribbed bottoms and sides that provide greater protection against the atmospheric agents, models with perforated bottoms and sides that provide for proper levels of aeration, above all for food products, as well as resealable pallet box models. With Nordcontenitori products, customers can certain be of having chosen:


  • the absolute best in terms of ergonomics and versatility;
  • practical solutions for the optimal management of warehouse space;
  • solutions that are capable of protecting their contents against dirt and external factors;
  • solutions that guarantee protection against any possible product tampering.


In fact, thanks to the high quality of the materials utilized and the possibility of fitting the plastic pallet boxes with convenient swivel wheels, covers and other accessories, the best possible preservation of the products is able to be guaranteed, while at the same time optimizing space, time and costs during internal handling and storage operations.


Ideal for all companies and businesses that need to expedite the movement of their products and ensure their adequate protection.



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