Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Chemical Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for solvents, cosmetics and additives
Chemical industry heading

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic containers for the chemical industry, for the preservation, storage and transport of chemical products and substances.

Nordcontenitori is specialized in the production of plastic industrial containers designed specifically for use in every sector.


The company's plastic containers are manufactured according to stringent international quality and safety standards, and are ideal for use in the chemical industry. These robust and reliable products are perfect for containing liquid and solid materials, like additives, solvents chemicals and cosmetics.


Capable of resisting temperature fluctuations, ensuring the proper level oxygenation, and protecting their contents against heat sources, Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for chemical products are designed to ensure the best possible product preservation while ensuring greater security during storage and handling operations.


But that's not all. The product range includes containers for cosmetics, containers for solvents, plastic pallet boxes with various load capacities, and rigid plastic bins and tanks, each of which is designed to optimize time and space during production, storage and disposal operations.


This vast assortment of modular and stackable models can be customized with dosing taps, drainage holes, and swivel wheels, and, are even capable of expediting transport procedures and saving space during storage operations.


Nordcontenitori containers for the chemical industry are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and the corrosive effects of chemical agents, and represent the most practical choice in terms of quality, security and durability.


Some of the available models are listed below:

  • Plastic containers for cosmetics and solvents for safe handling and storage;
  • Robust plastic pallets to prevent liquid spills;
  • Plastic waste bins for chemical products, with airtight closure machanisms and various load capacities;
  • Baltresca containers, tubs and tanks with covers.



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