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Plastic containers that can be outfitted for industrial use
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Nordcontenitori plastic tubs and buckets constitute extremely durable solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, construction industries, and more.

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic tubs and buckets for every industrial sector.


Made from sturdy and resilient materials like polyethylene, these products allow for the storage and secure preservation of all kinds of products, including liquids, solids, and even food items.


With tubs ranging from 500 to 800 mm in diameter, and with buckets ranging from 290 mm to 360 mm in size, these products allow companies operating in the food, pharmaceutical, construction, textile and electronics industries, among others, to freely store and transport all kinds of products and raw materials.


In fact, Nordcontenitori's plastic tubs and buckets are robust and resilient tools that offer large load capacities.


Unlike wood or steel products, they will not rust or deteriorate. They always guarantee maximum hygiene levels, while at the same time ensuring greater protection for the materials contained inside them.


Their ability to be stacked even provides for significant space savings both in the warehouse and during transport operations.


Covers, plastic buckets with metal handles, and buckets with airtight covers are also available upon request.



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