Standard plastic containers

The containers with the best cost-safety-durability ratio
Standard Containers

Nordcontenitori plastic containers are strong and resilient, and are built to meet every transportation and storage requirement for both food and non-food products.

Nordcontenitori brand plastic containers are strong, environment-friendly and certified.


Manufactured according to the strict international standards with virgin or reclaimed polyethylene, the company's standard plastic containers represent the best solution available for those in need of highly resistant and reliable tools to be integrated into their own production and logistics systems.


These highly durable products offer maximum protection against weathering, temperature variations and corrosive chemical agents, thus ensuring the integrity of the merchandise during internal handling operations. But that's not all.


In fact, since these plastic containers are modular, stackable and nestable, they are capable of facilitating packaging operations directly during the production phases, guaranteeing better product preservation (even for food items) and optimizing space during storage and transport operations.


Customizable with practical swivel wheels, airtight covers, dividers, handles, smooth and perforated bottoms and other accessories, these plastic containers guarantee maximum efficiency, versatility and convenience.


Specifically designed for every sector, these products are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, food processing, manufacturing, logistics, construction, large-scale retail and HO.RE.CA industries.



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Standard plastic containers

Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes

Nordcontenitori manufactures robust plastic pallet boxes that are suitable for contact with food, and can be customized to meet the customer's specific logistic and storage requirements.

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Warehouse containers

Warehouse containers

With "M" series stackable, modular and inter-connecting warehouse containers, your products and merchandise will always be well-protected and organized.

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    Standard sizes

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    With accessories

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