Iridium-Pal custom plastic pallets

Iridium-Pal custom plastic pallets

Customized to satisfy every requirement in terms of production, handling and storage.

Coloured, with different load capacities, non-slip bottoms, containment edges and stringers, Iridium-Pal customizable plastic pallets represent the ideal solution for every requirement.

The Iridium-Pal is a customized plastic pallet that's designed to improve and streamline handling and storage operations for the logistics industry.

These modular and stackable custom plastic pallets are available in various load capacities, and are capable of expediting product handling operations, as well as optimizing space during both transport and storage operations.

Manufactured using high quality plastic material, like virgin or reclaimed polyethylene, Iridium-Pal custom plastic pallets are capable of withstanding significant temperature variations, continuous use, and the deteriorating effects of time, thus representing the best possible choice in terms of both cost and durability.

The wide range of available models even includes plastic pallets suitable for contact with food products.

Thanks to a patented manufacturing process, Iridium-Pal plastic pallets can be produced in standard europallet formats (1200x800, 1200x1000, 1200x1200), as well as in various special versions (1200x400, 1200x666, 1200x1100, 1200x900, 1200x1300) and in other custom sizes with one fixed measurement of 1200 mm.

For marketing, safety and product identification purposes, these plastic pallets can even be customized with monochromatic or multi-colour solutions.


  • Multi-colour


  • Smooth Pallets

    Smooth Pallets

  • Standard sizes

    Standard sizes

  • Special sizes

    Special sizes

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