Modular plastic platforms

Nordcontenitori manufactures durable, non-slip PE platforms that are capable of sustaining heavy loads and are designed to withstand continuous use.

Nordcontenitori's plastic platforms are made from polyethylene, a highly resistant plastic material that renders them suitable for every use.


These platforms are ideal for creating safe, non-slip floors and surfaces.


Whether intended for indoor or outdoor use, the robust material used for their production renders these platforms perfectly capable of withstanding all types of weather and temperature conditions.


Unlike wood or other materials, these platforms will not rust, break or become deformed. Rather, they represent one of the best solutions available on the market in terms of both cost and quality.


Nordcontenitori's modular platforms offer various connection possibilities and are available in the following variants: the Z36, comprised of four modules, with overall dimensions of 600x600x30 mm; the Z36 variant with slide; the Z25 with oval perforations (round perforations are available upon request), with overall dimensions of 500x500x20 mm; and the Z25C, without perforations, closed and knurled, with overall dimensions of 500x500x20 mm.


These plastic platforms are particularly hygienic and easy to clean, thus allowing for the easy elimination of organic residues, bacteria, oil, grease, etc.


These plastic platforms are available in the white/green colour combination.



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