Fresh milk baskets

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Fresh Milk Baskets

For milk producers, Nordcontenitori manufactures certified, durable and hygienic plastic baskets for the transportation and storage of tetra brik milk cartons.

Specialized in the production of plastic containers for every purpose, Nordcontenitori is a reference point for all companies that require support tools capable of being integrated into their own production and logistics chains.


Among its vast range of solutions, Nordcontenitori also manufactures plastic baskets for fresh milk in 1/2 L and 1 L packages, whether in PE cardboard or PET bottles.


Manufactured using high quality plastic material and certified, these container models are capable of ensuring better product preservation and greater protection during internal movements from one production line to the next, as well as during storage and distribution operations.


Since they are designed to be stored in refrigerated environments, they are also highly-resistant to temperature variations.


These stackable and modular plastic baskets for fresh milk are capable of withstanding heavy loads and can be safely stacked, thus providing for significant space savings inside the warehouse, as well as when stored inside containers.


These hygienic products are easy to clean and are resistant to contact with liquids, and represent the best solution currently available on the market in terms of cost, efficiency and durability.


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