Plastic containers

Hundreds of customizable plastic containers

Nordcontenitori manufactures specific plastic containers for every intended use that can be easily integrated into the customer's logistics, storage and handling systems.


Nordcontenitori plastic containers are made from polyethylene and/or polypropylene in accordance with strict international standards.


This renders them robust and reliable tools that are capable of being integrated into the client's own supply and production chains.


Specific solutions have been developed for every purpose, including containers for manufactured goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals, and even food products.


These units are capable of ensuring the best possible preservation of the merchandise, under any weather conditions, and can be fitted with convenient swivel wheels, airtight covers, dividers, handles, smooth and perforated bottoms, as well as various other accessories.


The plastic containers, in fact, are even capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from -40° to +80°, thus allowing them to be used in cold stores as well.


These modular, stackable and nestable containers provide for significant saving in terms of both cost and time, optimizing transport and storage operations for the pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, food processing, manufacturing, logistics, construction, large-scale retail and Ho.Re.Ca industries.

Standard plastic containers

Standard plastic containers

Nordcontenitori plastic containers are strong and resilient, and are built to meet every transportation and storage requirement for both food and non-food products.

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Storage units

Storage units

The combination of Nordcontenitori brand pallets and plastic containers has given rise to the most efficient storage units currently available on the market. 

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