Modular dishwasher baskets

Modular dishwasher baskets
Dishwasher Baskets

Nordcontenitori manufactures modular and custom dishwasher baskets in high quality plastic materials.

Nordcontenitori is a company that's been manufacturing plastic containers for industrial use for over thirty years.


The vast expertise it has acquired in the sector has allowed the company to expand its product range with a series of high quality products. These include modular baskets for dishwashers made from plastic material.


Unlike traditional baskets, these plastic models are more durable and hygienic. Polyethylene, in fact, will not rust, does not deform at high temperatures and is resistant to the corrosive effect of detergents.


Manufactured in the classic sizes of 500x500mm and 500x250mm, these products are perfectly suitable for use with the standard dishwashers used by restaurants, hotels, catering companies and canteens.


Furthermore, Nordcontenitori offers the possibility of selecting from among dishwasher baskets with 9, 16, 25, 36 and 49 compartments - combinable with the relative raised racks -, as well as baskets with large or small holes, baskets for plates, and trays for cutlery.


These modular and stackable dishwasher baskets are capable of optimizing space, while at the same time organizing pots, pans and plates.



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