Sorted waste collection containers

Specific plastic containers for every type of waste material
Sorted waste collection containers

Nordcontenitori manufactures solutions for the collection of sorted waste materials, including bins for paper, glass, plastic and organic waste, as well as containers for the collection of medicines.

Specialized in the production of plastic industrial containers, Nordcontenitori also manufactures a wide range of solutions for sorted waste collection.


In fact, the company's catalogue contains the ECO 1100 model, the classic waste bin with a DIN attachment, swivel wheels and a load capacity of 1100 L, available with or without pedal, as well as the ECO T38 and T43 model trash containers (available with covers and opening pedals upon request), with diameters of 380 mm and 430 mm respectively.


For sorted waste collection, Nordcontenitori also offers the ECO 120 and 240 models: trolley-mounted waste bins equipped with swivel wheels and a convenient pedal to facilitate opening.


These models are available in yellow, blue, red, white and green.


The RA-DIF, on the other hand, is a special modular waste bin: the basic 600x400x640 mm version is comprised of a trolley, a box, a frontal opening mechanism and a cover, and can even be customized with additional containers for disposing of batteries and pharmaceuticals.



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