Non-standard plastic containers

Entirely customizable and made to measure
Non-Standard Containers

Nordcontenitori custom plastic containers can be entirely customized and are capable of successfully resolving every storage and handling requirement.

Nordcontenitori has been a reference point for over thirty years, manufacturing plastic industrial containers for every sector. Thanks to its vast expertise, the company is capable of providing specific solutions for numerous industries, even offering compete customization.


The company's goal is to provide custom plastic containers that are capable of optimizing its clients' production processes and logistics operations.


These versatile and functional solutions are designed to facilitate internal merchandise handling and packaging, as well as to optimize space during storage and transport operations.


In fact, the company's vast range of custom plastic containers includes modular, stackable and nestable containers with smooth or perforated sides, in various sizes and with different load capacities.


All the containers are capable of sustaining considerable loads, and are designed with rigid and highly-resistant structures in order to withstand significant temperature variations (for use in chillers and cold stores), as well as the corrosive effects of chemical agents. Unlike wooden products, they are not subject to wear, will not deteriorate, and are capable of withstanding all weather conditions.


Manufactured according to strict international safety standards, these custom plastic containers are the best products available on the market in terms of cost, durability and safety.



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  • Stackable


  • Stackable and nestable

    Stackable and nestable

  • Standard sizes

    Standard sizes

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    Special sizes

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