Special PVC mattings for every purpose

Nordcontenitori offers a wide range of PVC mattings for use by manufacturing companies, food producers, sports centres, etc.

Nordcontenitori's PVC mattings are robust, hygienic and safe. For this reason, based on the model, they are widely used for covering surfaces and shelving units in gyms, shops, factories, warehouses, boats, and more.


The various models of available PVC mattings include:

  • Vynagrip: a PVC matting model that's sold in 10 m long rolls of 60, 91 and 122 cm in width. This highly-resistant, hygienic, non-slip, draining and anti-fatigue matting model is ideal for covering various surfaces: from boats to industrial machinery;
  • Heronrib: 10 m in length and available in widths of 50 cm, 100 cm and 122 cm, this matting product with antibacterial additives is extremely durable and can even be walked upon with bare feet. For this reason, it is perfectly suitable for covering surfaces in swimming pools, gyms, sports centres, boats, etc.
  • Floorline: 10 m in length and available in widths of 60 cm or 91 cm, in addition to being non-slip and resistant to liquids, oils and acids, this PVC matting also guarantees maximum comfort and insulation. These characteristics render it particularly suitable for use in industrial environments, including the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, etc.
  • Pillomat: this matting is 10 m long and is available in widths of 60 cm or 91 cm. Protective, shock-proof, hygienic and easy to clean, this matting is ideal for covering shelving units in supermarkets and grocery stores. Furthermore, its grid-like structure facilitates drainage and is resistant to oil, grease and chemical spills.



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