Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Food Industry

Industrial pallets and containers for foods and beverages
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Nordcontenitori manufactures industrial pallets and containers for fresh, cooked and room temperature food items, such as meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and confectionery products.

Nordcontenitori has been manufacturing plastic pallets and containers for food products for over thirty years.


From isothermal containers to classic plastic pallets and containers, each model is certified and manufactured according to strict international standards in order to ensure its suitability for food contact.


Nordcontenitori's industrial containers for food products are entirely hygienic and are manufactured using robust and high-quality materials like polypropylene foam and PVC. They are practical and easy to clean, and allow for the storage of all types of products, whether fresh, frozen, cooked or at room temperature.


They are resistant to temperature variations and the corrosive effects of chemical agents, and are capable of supporting various load capacities. 


For this reason, they are perfectly suited to meet the needs of all companies operating in the food industry, including delis, butcher's shops, fish markets, pastry shops, wineries, and bakeries.


Like the plastic pallets for food products and every other industrial container, the company's isothermal containers are designed to ensure better protection for food products, like fish, meat, sausages and vegetables, during both handling and storage operations alike. But that's not all.


In order to facilitate storage, transport and packaging operations, the containers can even be equipped with swivel wheels, airtight covers and other accessories designed to expedite the production processes.


Nordcontenitori's isothermal containers and plastic containers for food products are also modular, resealable and stackable in order to minimize costs and optimize storage space during both storage and transport operations.



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