Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Leisure Industry

Custom plastic pallets and containers for objects and equipment.
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Nordcontenitori manufactures custom plastic pallets and containers that are ideal for storing and transporting sports equipment, musical instruments, gardening tools, and more.

Nordcontenitori manufactures custom plastic containers for every requirement in terms of space optimization, handling and storage.


Thanks to the vast expertise it has acquired over the years, the company is even capable of satisfying the most specific requirements, offering complete customization.


Its wide range of robust and versatile custom plastic containers can be employed in various sectors, including sports clubs, gyms, theatres, resorts, dance studios, audio and video producers, as well as any other structures that require sturdy and easily-transportable containers of the right sizes to store their equipment.


The company manufactures custom plastic containers for pool equipment, non-slip pallets for musical instruments, and boxes for sports equipment. Many can be fitted with wheels and other accessories designed to facilitate transport operations, and can even be customized with company logos and brand names.


Manufactured using high-quality plastic materials, these products are non-deformable and are capable of withstanding significant temperature variations, as well as the corrosive and deteriorating effects of chemical agents and weathering. These characteristics even allow for products and equipment to be stored in hot, cold and humid environments.


With a wide range of stackable plastic containers, containers with covers, and large containers with wheels, customers are able to select the ideal solutions to meet the requirements in terms of volume, load capacity and size.


Finally, these modular and stackable custom plastic containers are capable of ensuring significant space savings during both storage and transport operations.



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