Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Home Appliance Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for home appliances
Home appliance industry heading

Nordcontenitori manufactures custom plastic industrial pallets and containers for the transportation and storage of large and small home appliances.

With a catalogue boasting hundreds of industrial containers and plastic pallets, even in custom sizes, Nordcontenitori is capable of satisfying the specific needs of nearly every industrial sector.


For the appliance industry in particular, Nordcontenitori offers solutions that are capable of optimizing all the merchandise storage, production and handling processes.


In fact, with the industrial containers and plastic pallets offered by Nordcontenitori, even in custom sizes, companies operating in the home appliance industry can count upon strong, resilient and reliable products that are capable of withstanding various load capacities.


With the possibility of being easily integrated into production lines and customized with convenient swivel wheels, covers, dividers, non-slip bottoms, removable sides, etc., these industrial containers are capable of facilitating and expediting the movement of the goods from one production line to the next, simplifying packaging operations and providing better protection during transport, for both large and small appliances alike.


Their modularity and stacking possibilities provide for significant space savings, in terms of both storage at the warehouse and the stowage of the containers themselves.


Whether for logistics, transport or production optimization purposes, Nordcontenitori is capable of satisfying every requirement, even manufacturing plastic pallets and containers in custom sizes



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