Plastic Pallets and Containers for the Fishing Industry

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Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic industrial pallets and containers for the handling and storage of fishing industry products.


Nordcontenitori's plastic pallets and containers for the fishing industry are specifically designed for fisheries and fish markets, as well as for all other companies operating in the sector.


In fact, the company's wide range of non-slip, stackable plastic trays, pallets and isothermal containers represent logistical solutions that are fully capable of satisfying the industry's specific requirements in terms of the preservation and transport of easily perishable food products.


Manufactured in rigid plastic material that's capable of withstanding the harmful effects of chemical agents and weathering, these models of plastic pallets and containers for the fishing industry are particularly suitable for containing products such as fish, crustaceans and molluscs. The hygienic and easy to clean plastic material, in fact, allows for organic residues and unpleasant odours to be rinsed away with maximum ease.


But that's not all. In addition to being capable of sustaining large loads, Nordcontenitori's pallets for the fishing industry are also non-deformable and resistant to temperature fluctuations, and can therefore be used inside chillers and cold stores.


The company's wide range of plastic pallets and containers for the fishing industry even includes solutions with perforated bottoms and sides (to facilitate the drainage of liquids), as well as solutions with airtight closures, non-slip surfaces and other specific characteristics.


These modular, stackable and customizable pallets for the fishing industry are designed to facilitate internal handling and packaging operations, while at the same time optimizing space for storage and transport.


Some of the available models are listed below:

  • Stackable trays and pallets with liquid drip systems;
  • Plastic containers with covers, for the secure transport of delicate products like fish, crustaceans, molluscs, etc.;
  • Non-slip plastic pallets with various load capacities, designed to facilitate the storage and handling of both packaged and non-packaged fish products;
  • Isothermal containers for the preservation of cooked or frozen fish products;



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