Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial plastic pallets and containers for medicines, chemical products and cosmetics.

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic industrial pallets and containers for medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic use.

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic industrial containers designed specifically for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical companies that require specific, certified containers for storing delicate and easily-perishable products.


Thanks to their excellent resistance to contact with chemical agents and temperature fluctuations, Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries guarantee optimal preservation of chemical products, as well as improved safety during packaging and transport operations.


In fact, the company's industrial containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemical products are manufactured using non-deformable plastic materials, and can be equipped with airtight closure mechanisms and anti-tampering systems.


They can be used by pharmaceutical, cleaning, paint and dye companies, as well as by any other companies that want to guarantee the proper protection of their products against the harmful effects of the atmospheric agents.


Furthermore, many of the company's plastic containers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries are modular and stackable, and can even be customized with swivel wheels, airtight covers and drainage taps. The aim is to expedite and facilitate the handling of the products along the production lines, as well as to save valuable space during transport and storage operations.


Nordcontenitori's industrial containers for medicines and cosmetics are high-quality products that represent the best choice currently available on the market in terms of cost, safety and durability.


Some of the available models are listed below:

  • Plastic tubs and buckets with airtight closures for the processing and preservation of liquids;
  • Plastic pallets for the safe transport of medicines, cosmetics and chemical products;
  • Plastic industrial containers with rigid and non-deformable structures;
  • Industrial containers for liquids with drainage taps;
  • Pallet boxes (with accessories) of various load capacities, designed to facilitate the storage and handling of chemical and pharmaceutical products;



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