Plastic Pallets and Containers for the HO.RE.CA. Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for restaurants, hotels and catering companies
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Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic pallets and containers for food items, isothermal containers for ready-made meals, dishwasher baskets and plastic tubs for cutlery.

Since 1981, Nordcontenitori has been manufacturing and marketing plastic pallets and containers designed to satisfy every requirement in terms of the preservation, handling and storage of both food and non-food products.


In particular, these plastic containers and pallets for food products are manufactured according to strict international standards using high-quality materials. This renders them capable of withstanding significant temperature fluctuations, as well as the corrosive effects of external agents, thus ensuring greater durability over time.


These hygienic and easy to clean products are suitable for food contact, and are ideal for companies operating in the food service industry, including restaurants, hotels and catering companies that require boxes, containers and pallets for storing cooked, fresh, frozen and preserved food items.


With robust and non-deformable plastic containers for food products, isothermal containers for ready-made meals capable of insulating the heat inside, and plastic pallets for food products designed to ensure clean and hygienic storage, each solution is manufactured to guarantee the best possible preservation conditions for delicate and easily-perishable food products.


Finally, the company also offers modular and stackable plastic containers for food products that are capable of ensuring significant space savings during storage and transport operations.


Nordcontenitori even offers a wide range of ideal solutions for the HO.RE.CA. industry: modular dishwasher baskets, containers for cutlery, plates, glasses and cups, plastic laundry baskets, and plastic baskets for bottles.



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