Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Paper Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for paper, cardboard and cellulose
Paper industry heading

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic industrial pallets and containers for the paper and cellulose industry.

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic containers for every industrial sector, including standard models and custom plastic containers.


Thanks to the skill and expertise that it has acquired throughout its years of collaboration with various domestic and international companies, the company has succeeded in differentiating itself for its comprehensive product range: isothermal containers, plastic pallets, pallet boxes, tubs, shelving units, and various other containers for transporting merchandise of all shapes and sizes.


In particular, Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for paper and cardboard are capable of efficiently meeting every production, transport and storage requirement for companies operating in the paper industry.


These modular and stackable products can be accessorized with swivel wheels and covers, and are capable of facilitating internal handling operations from one production line to the next, simplifying packaging operations directly during the production stage, and optimizing space for transport and storage operations.


Nordcontenitori offers a wide range of guaranteed and reliable products, including containers for industrial waste, containers for newspaper printing and distribution (which allow for significant space to be saved when being transported empty), and lightweight and ergonomic plastic boxes for paper and cardboard.



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