Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Baking Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for rolls, dough and fresh pasta
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Nordcontenitori manufactures industrial containers for the baking industry: tubs, baskets and plastic containers for bakeries and pastry shops.

Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for food products are ideal for the baking industry.


Manufactured with high quality materials and certified according to the most stringent European standards, the company's plastic containers for bakeries and pastry shops are extremely hygienic and easy to clean.


This renders them particularly suitable for contact with food products, like flour, grain, dough and more.


The company's containers for the baking industry are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, are capable of ensuring the proper levels of light exposure, and are equipped rigid non-deformable sides, thus ensuring better product preservation and greater protection during storage and handling operations.


From containers for pizza dough to plastic containers for fresh pasta, plastic tubs for flour and plastic baskets for bread, each container is designed to expedite the production operations and to extend the products' preservation times.


The plastic containers for bakeries and pastry shops can be fully customized and accessorized to meet the client's specific requirements.


They can be equipped with convenient swivel wheels, covers, open or closed external handles, smooth or perforated non-slip bottoms and raking mouth sides, thus becoming practical work tools for bakeries and pastry shops that need to transport raw materials and finished products from one production line to the next and perform delicate packaging operations.


Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for bakeries and pastry shops are even modular, stackable and nestable. This provides for significant space savings during both storage and transport operations.


Some of the available models are listed below:

  • Containers for pizza dough;
  • Plastic containers for fresh pasta;
  • Isothermal containers for controlled temperature transport;
  • Pallet boxes (with and without wheels) for easy handling and more hygienic storage;
  • Stackable plastic baskets for bread.



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