Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Construction and Environmental Protection Industries

Plastic Containers and Pallets for building materials
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Plastic industrial containers for the construction industry, crates for debris, containment tanks, plastic debris chutes, waste disposal containers.

Nordcontenitori is a company that's specialized in the production of plastic industrial containers designed specifically for use in every sector.


With a catalogue that boasts over a hundred items, a wide range of customization options and a vast assortment of accessories, Nordcontenitori is capable of satisfying every requirement in terms of the preservation, transport, storage and disposal of all kinds of goods and products.


In particular, the company's wide range of plastic containers for the construction industry is perfectly suited to contractors, glass works, ceramics manufacturers, and various other companies that require robust and manageable tools capable of simplifying and expediting their work activities.


Certified and manufactured using high quality plastic materials, Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for the construction industry (including rectangular debris crates, plastic tubs for construction activities, PVC bins for mortar, plastic containment tanks and plastic debris chutes) are non-deformable and are resistant to temperature fluctuations and the corrosive effects of chemical agents, thus representing the most durable and high-quality products currently available on the market.


Many of the company's models of plastic containers for the construction industry are modular, stackable and nestable. This provides for significant space savings during both storage and transport operations.


Furthermore, the plastic containment tanks, PE bins for mortar, plastic tubs for construction activities, plastic debris chutes and rectangular debris crates can all be outfitted with swivel wheels in order to facilitate and expedite material handling operations.


Nordcontenitori also manufactures waste disposal containers, including plastic trash bins, sorted waste collection containers and waste bins with various load capacities.



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