Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Dairy Industry

Industrial plastic pallets and containers for milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter.
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Nordcontenitori manufactures all sorts of plastic trays, pallets and custom industrial containers for every specific requirement in terms of the storage, handling and preservation of dairy products.


Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic pallets and containers for industrial use.


With hundreds of guaranteed and certified models, the company is capable of providing specific solutions for every requirement in terms of food storage, transport and preservation.


In particular, the company's range of plastic trays and pallets for food products are used by companies operating in the milk and dairy industry for the production and transport of extremely delicate products, like cheese, yoghurt, milk, cream and butter.


These robust and highly-functional plastic industrial containers (which include containers for cheese, containers for milk and pallets for various other food products) are designed to ensure greater protection during internal handling operations from one production line to the next, to facilitate packaging operations directly during the production phase, to guarantee better product preservation during transport and to optimize space during storage operations.


With the possibility of being customized with logos, colours (for easy identification in the warehouse or along the production lines) and various sizes and shapes, Nordcontenitori's plastic industrial containers for food products guarantee maximum durability, convenience and hygiene.


  • Bottle trays for the storage and handling of milk and yoghurt;
  • Plastic containers for food products with covers, for the secure transport of delicate products like cheese, butter, ricotta, etc.;
  • Pallet boxes (with accessories) of various load capacities, designed to facilitate the storage and handling of all types of food products;
  • Plastic tubs and buckets for the processing and storage of liquids, like milk and yoghurt.



These are just some examples. Contact Nordcontenitori to find out more about all the available models of plastic containers for food products!

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