Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Logistics and Security Industries

Plastic pallets and containers for transporting and storing merchandise
Logistics industry heading

Nordcontenitori manufactures custom plastic pallets and containers for logistics, transport and security companies.

Nordcontenitori has been manufacturing plastic pallets and containers for handling all types of food and non-food products since 1981.


These safe and certified industrial containers are manufactured according to strict quality standards, and are capable of satisfying every requirement in terms of storage, protection and load stability.


These containers, which can be easily integrated into production lines and internal handling and packaging processes, represent ideal solutions for companies operating in the logistics and transport industries.


Thanks to the high quality of the materials utilized, these industrial containers and plastic pallets are even highly resistant to weathering and chemical agents, thus ensuring maximum durability over time.


This renders them perfect for use as storage containers, merchandise handling containers and containers for sea, air and road freight.


Ideal for companies operating in the logistics, transport and moving industries, Nordcontenitori's plastic industrial containers and pallets are designed to ensure significant space savings during both storage and transport operations. In fact, they're modular, stackable and resealable.


Furthermore, many of the company's industrial container models can be fitted with wheels and other accessories designed to facilitate transport operations, and can even be customized with logos and company brand names in order to facilitate their identification.



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