Plastic Containers and Pallets for the Meat Industry

Industrial plastic pallets and containers for meats and sausages.
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Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic industrial pallets and containers, isothermal containers, as well as trays and pallets for the processing, handling and storage of meat products.

Nordcontenitori is a Bergamo-based company that's specialized in the production of plastic pallets and containers designed specifically for use in every industrial sector.


Offering containers for meat in various shapes and sizes, as well as plastic pallets for food products with various load capacities, Nordcontenitori is capable of satisfying every handling, storage and preservation requirement for perishable goods. These robust and non-deformable solutions are perfect for storing and transporting delicate food items, such as meats, cold cuts and sausages.


Manufactured according to strict international safety standards, the company's plastic containers and pallets for food products are particularly suitable for slaughterhouses, sausage manufacturers and meat wholesalers who require easy-to-clean hygienic tools suitable for food storage.


The company's versatile and functional containers for meat are designed to be easily integrated into the client's logistics chain, as well as to facilitate the handling, packaging and storage of the meat products themselves.


Equipped with convenient swivel wheels, airtight covers and other practical accessories, these plastic containers for food products expedite the handling of the goods along the production lines. Furthermore, thanks to their modularity, these containers and pallets a capable of optimizing space during storage operations.


Some of the available models are listed below:

  • Certified containers for meat and food products;
  • Pallets for food products with various load capacities;
  • Plastic tubs and buckets for the processing and preservation of meats and liquids;
  • Pallet boxes with various load capacities, designed to facilitate the storage and handling of all types of food products;
  • Isothermal containers for the distribution of cooked or refrigerated food products;
  • Modular rigid plastic containers for optimizing space;



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