Plastic Pallets and Containers for the Metalworking Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for processing metal products
Metalworking industry heading

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic pallets and containers for the metalworking industry: for the handling, preservation and storage of metal objects.

Nordcontenitori manufactures specific plastic pallets and containers for every industrial sector.


Available in various shapes and sizes for specific uses, Nordcontenitori's industrial containers can be fully customized and are capable of satisfying any requirements in terms of preservation, handling and storage.


The company's plastic industrial pallets and containers are particularly suitable for the metalworking industry, as they are capable of containing liquids, solids and unprocessed materials, as well as ensuring maximum protection for finished and semi-finished products.


These robust and non-deformable plastic pallets and containers for the metalworking industry are manufactured according to strict European standards, and are capable of withstanding significant temperature variations, as well as the corrosive effects of chemical agents, while at the same time ensuring an optimal load stability.


They represent the ideal solution in terms of both cost and durability.


In addition to the possibility of being outfitted with convenient swivel wheels, these modular and stackable products are capable of optimizing time and space during production, transport and storage operations, above all in the automotive industry.


With large plastic tubs for hardware components, plastic buckets with covers for liquids and pallet boxes with wheels of various sizes, Nordcontenitori offers a wide range of safe and reliable products for companies operating in the metalworking industry.



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