Plastic Pallets and Containers for the Wood Industry

Plastic pallets and containers for wood, pellets and sawdust
Wood industry heading

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic industrial pallets and containers for carpentry, turning, furniture and cork workshops.


Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for industrial use are capable of satisfying every requirement: from the optimization of space during storage and transport operations, to the need to simplify and expedite the internal handling of goods between one production stage and the next.


With a vast catalogue containing hundreds of items, Nordcontenitori even offers containers specifically designed for the wood industry: carpentry, turning, furniture and cork workshops.


The available models include: plastic containers for wood, plastic containers for pallets, large plastic trays capable of containing large amounts of sawdust and raking mouth containers for industrial waste.


These robust and certified plastic containers and pallets are designed to ensure the best possible storage conditions for both finished and semi-finished products, whether indoors or outdoors. In fact, each model is designed to withstand significant temperature fluctuations, as well as the corrosive and deteriorating effects of chemical agents and weathering.


Nordcontenitori's plastic pallets and containers for wood, pellets and sawdust are lightweight, ergonomic, modular and stackable, and even provide for significant space savings during storage and container transport operations. But that's not all.


Nordcontenitori even offers the possibility of outfitting its plastic containers with covers, swivel wheels and other accessories designed to facilitate and expedite the handling of wood, pellets and sawdust.



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