Plastic Pallets and Containers for Various Industries

Plastic pallets and containers for hospitals, offices and schools
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Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic pallets and containers for the preservation, storage and transportation of merchandise, documents and instrumentation.

Nordcontenitori is specialized in the manufacture of plastic pallets and containers for product storage and transport.


Highly-efficient and reliable solutions available in various shapes and sizes and designed for specific uses.


Manufactured using high-quality plastic materials and certified according to the international standards, Nordcontenitori's plastic pallets and containers for product storage and transport are ideal solutions in terms of cost, performance, load stability and durability.


Whether in terms of optimizing warehouse and office space, preserving easily perishable merchandise or disposing of paper, food scraps or chemical products, Nordcontenitori is capable of providing fully customizable solutions to meet any requirement.


From the stackable plastic containers, to the resealable containers, large containers and coloured, non-slip plastic pallets with various load capacities, the company is always dedicated to providing versatile and highly customizable solutions for every storage and transport requirement.


These modular, nestable, stackable and foldable plastic containers for product transport and storage can even be outfitted with swivel wheels and covers, and are capable of providing for significant space savings and facilitating handling operations.


Nordcontenitori is capable of customizing its plastic pallets and containers with colours, company logos and brand names.

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