Nordcontenitori is the well-known manufacturer of "custom" and Iridium-Pal pallets.

During the 1980s, important innovations arose in relation to industrial storage systems and transport logistics due to the market requirements and the development of new high-performance materials.

Edoardo Bertoli, who in the previous years had gained significant experience in the field of plastic components, recognized the potential of the plastic materials applied in this sector, and seized upon the changes that had recently been taking place to develop a series of complementary products for the logistics industry.

This resulted in the establishment of Nordcontenitori in 1981, the first head offices of which were located in Osio Sopra, in the province of Bergamo.

Although the company initially focused its efforts upon the production of small to medium sized plastic containers, it soon also began manufacturing larger products (pallet boxes) and pallets as well.

For logistic reasons linked to the company's expansion, in 1988 the company moved to its current headquarters in Medolago, which featured additional warehouse space and more suitable office facilities.

The success that the company had enjoyed over the years resulted in a significant increase in the demand for its products, and Nordcontenitori ultimately decided to establish an additional 3,000 square-metre production facility in Chignolo d’Isola, which featured some of the latest injection moulding technologies.

In 2001, Nordcontenitori's continuous technological research and constant respect for the environment led it to inaugurate a new department for the production of extruded bars in PET, a recycled material derived from plastic bottles. These PET bars are used to design non standard pallets of special sizes and of various types, based on the Customers' specific requirements.

Over the years, the company developed the design for a new pallet concept, known as the IridiumPal®, whose extreme modularity and adaptability to various environments would go on to have a significant impact on the fields of logistics and industrial handling.

This innovative drive led to the establishment of the new company Logis-Rent that same year, the goal of which was to develop new solutions for the requirements of the logistics industry on the foreign market, which the group had become increasingly focused upon in recent years.

From 1981 to today, the company's knowledge of the market's demands and its flexible production choices designed to optimize costs and better satisfy the Customers' requirements, combined with its innovative product designs and the use of high quality raw materials, have helped it become a leading player in the industry.

In 1966, Eugenio Montale said “one of the fundamental tasks of industry is to entertain mankind, or rather to divert him from his state of contemplative leisure, which is the worst enemy of every form of activism” (Auto da fé).

It is with this awareness, with professionalism and pride, that Nordcontenitori / Logis-Rent group continues to look to the future after over 30 years of activity.

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