Warehouse containers

Modular solutions that optimize warehouse space
Warehouse Containers

With "M" series stackable, modular and inter-connecting warehouse containers, your products and merchandise will always be well-protected and organized.

Among its numerous container models, Nordcontenitori also manufactures specific solutions designed to optimize warehouse space, such as its raking mouth containers.


Available in various sizes and with different load capacities, these solutions provide for well organized storage conditions for products, merchandise and materials of all kinds.


These warehouse containers can be positioned side-by-side and interconnected in order to provide for better load stability, and can even be stacked. In this case, in fact, the opening on the short side of the container facilitates the identification of the material contained inside.


Equipped with convenient integrated handles, and with the possibility of being easily integrated into shelving systems, these models of raking mouth containers represent the best solution available in terms of product storage and space optimization.


In fact, the plastic material with which these products are manufactured provides them with essential characteristics, such as dimensional stability and resistance to temperature changes and atmospheric agents (rain, humidity, mould, heat, etc.). The also guarantee optimal hygiene levels and maximum durability over time.



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