Safety and reliability with your PharmaBoxes

The plastic trays manufactured by Nordcontenitori are certified polystyrene containers designed specifically for pharmaceutical use.

Nordcontenitori is a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets and containers for industrial use.


Offering both standard and fully customizable products, the company is capable of providing solutions designed to satisfy every requirement in terms of production, transport and storage.


Among its special containers, Nordcontenitori even manufactures trays for pharmaceutical use (also known as pharmabox).


Manufactured according to strict international standards using high quality materials, Nordcontenitori's plastic containers for the pharmaceutical industry are capable of ensuring optimal product preservation.


They are non-deformable, will not deteriorate over time, and are even capable of withstanding significant temperature variations (they can even be kept in cold stores) and the corrosive effects of chemical agents.


The pharmabox containers are available in two versions: with entirely closed sides (for better protection against light sources) or with an opening on the short side of the container to facilitate handling and to allow for the easy identification of the pharmaceutical products contained inside.


In addition to ensuring significant and space savings, these modular and stackable plastic containers for the pharmaceutical industry also provide for safe and hygienic storage conditions for pharmaceutical products.



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