Isothermal containers

High preservation standards for your food products
Isothermal Containers

Nordcontenitori supplies isothermal containers for maintaining both cold and heat, as well as insulating shells and special temperature-controlled transport solutions.

Nordcontenitori isothermal containers for food products are ideal solutions for transporting chilled foods and ready-made meals under perfectly stable temperature conditions.


Certified and manufactured using high quality materials, such as polypropylene foam, these products ensure better food preservation for extended periods of time.


These isothermal containers for food products are perfect for restaurants, hotels, catering companies, large-scale retail organizations and school, office and hospital canteens whose products require specific isothermal and refrigerated conditions during transport.


The products include isothermal containers for transporting ice cream, pallet boxes for controlled-temperature transport, and insulating shells in PPE with boxes and covers, each of which has been designed to minimize temperature variations during handling and storage operations.


Nordcontenitori isothermal containers for food products are highly resistant to the corrosive and deteriorating effects of chemical agents and weathering, and represent the most practical choice in terms of quality, efficiency and durability.



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