Baltresca container

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Baltresca container

The company's plastic baltresca containers are robust and hygienic, and are capable of ensuring the preservation of all sorts of food and non-food products.

Nordcontenitori manufactures plastic baltresca containers for every industrial sector.


These lightweight, robust and hygienic units allow for the safe and proper storage of all types of food and non-food products.


Manufactured according to strict international standards, Nordcontenitori's baltresca containers are available in white, with a capacity of 50 L and with dimensions of 820x525x200 mm.


Their lateral handles and stacking possibilities facilitate transport operations and optimize storage space in the warehouse.


Unlike baltresca containers made from wood or stainless steel, those made from plastic materials are non-deformable, extremely durable and offer better hygiene levels. This allows for even the most delicate products to be stored under conditions of maximum safety.


They are capable of withstanding temperature variations ranging from -40 to +110 °C.



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